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Sub-acute & Rehab Services Improvement Group 20 & 21 November 2019


Wednesday, 20 November 2019 - Thursday, 21 November 2019

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Rydges Southbank
9 Glenelg St
South Brisbane

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Pam O'Nions
[email protected]

The Subacute group resolved to focus their meetings, analysis and report development on the Rehabilitation and GEM streams. From a benchmarking viewpoint, the Health Roundtable has been working to develop a Subacute suite of reports to enable peer comparison and performance analysis, based on data, which is comparable to the level of analysis provided for acute admitted patients. The Health Roundtable acute patient reports have evolved and matured over the past 20 years, whereas Subacute reporting is continuing to evolve.

It is hoped though that the information contained in the Subacute Care benchmarking reports will be a useful tool for understanding subacute services within your organisation and how it compares to others.

 The suite of subacute reports (mainly Rehab and GEM) cover:

·         SNAP Top 10 codes

·         SNAP Inpatient Briefings

·         SNAP Inpatient Specialty Briefings

·         Subacute Inpatient Briefings Care Type

·         Hospital Acquired Complications Report – Subacute Services

·         Major Complications Analysis

·         CHADx  Analysis

·         Subacute National Standards

·         Feed In Subacute Reports

·         Subacute Pivot Analysis

·         All Care Type Analysis

We would like to invite your Health service to participate in our 2019 meeting on November 20 & 21 in Brisbane to discuss members success and challenges in sub-acute care and leave inspired and with ideas and an action plan to improve quality patient outcomes

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