Analytics Masterclass

Why Participate?

  • Compare performance with your peers on a wide variety of indicators
  • Monitor priority opportunities for improvement
  • Identify gaps in your coding and counting of patient activity
  • Learn how to make the best use of Health Roundtable analytics to address key issues


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Analytics Masterclass

The Annual Analytics Masterclass helps members to review the Core Reports from the last 12 months allowing you to identify opportunities to optimise your hospitals performance and the patient journey.

We explore the Core Reports using a logical process to segment your hospital from the Executive Level Reports, Mortality Reports and KPI reports through to the Department, ED and DRG Level reports.

We focus on a patient-centric analysis using interactive web-based analytical tools with Health Roundtable staff there to answer your questions and help you identify the solutions developed by 'exemplar' health services.

You will learn how to use Health Roundtable reports to quickly understand key issues affecting your organisation and how the data can be presented in a way to engage senior clinicians, managers and hospital influencers.

The Analytics Masterclass includes interactive workshop sessions on:

  1. Patient-centric analysis
  2. Interactive web-based analytics solutions
  3. Inpatient Care, Departmental and Mortality comparisons
  4. Sub-acute care comparisons
  5. Emergency Department comparisons
  6. Ambulatory Care comparisons


Attendance at this masterclass is a prerequisite for certification as a Health Roundtable Super-User of HRT Data and Reports.

Hear the latest updates from IPHA and provide feedback on developments

What do you need to do?
  • Designate a data liaison representative as a key contact for the Health Roundtable

  • Provide inpatient, Sub-acute, ED and Ambulatory data

  • Organise a group of senior and beginner HRT end users to attend

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