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Call for Posters -- Innovation Awards - 11-12 October

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Have you implemented an innovative practice that improves patient care? If so, we would be delighted to receive your PowerPoint Poster outlining what you have accomplished!

Receive free registration at the Health Roundtable Innovation Workshops and Awards!

The Health Care system has never been under such intense pressure.  New technologies, an ageing population, and workforce shortages are combining with the global financial crisis to create a “perfect storm” for health system leaders.  Major improvements in care delivery are urgently needed.


The Health Roundtable has been working with its member organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1995 to identify practical innovations that can be implemented to reduce the pressures you’re facing across all aspects of patient care.  By sharing issues and innovations with over 80 health services, you will be able to reduce the pain you’re experiencing, and work with your colleagues to improve the care of patients everywhere. 


We are hosting a special Innovation Workshops and Awards meeting in Sydney on 11-12 October to share innovative practices in rapid-fire sessions across four concurrent streams on:

·         Improving the Urgent Patient Journey

·         Improving the Chronic Patient Journey

·         Improving the Surgical Patient Journey

·         Improving the Quality of Patient Care


The workshop sessions are designed to provide time to share your issues and innovations using a simple template in PowerPoint Poster format.  You will receive one FREE REGISTRATION for each poster submitted, and the first four posters accepted in each session will be eligible for a $500 cash honorarium to help offset your travel expenses. 

Please download the call for posters here.

The meeting announcement and agenda can be downloaded here.

The required Powerpoint Template can be downloaded here.



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