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Innovation Award Winner-Mobile Radiology

Categories: Public, Roundup Issue #13 | Author: KateTynan | Posted: 24/10/2012 | Views: 1353
Small Investment For Big Gains

Innovation Award to Ryan Midgley from Royal Adelaide Hospital South Australia - Instant bedside review of mobile CXR’s using Direct Capture Mobile X-Ray

The adoption and integration of key technologies has enabled substantial efficiency gains for doctors and radiologists working on hospital wards.  The mobile computed radiography previously in use took 20 minutes to construct an image.  For radiology staff travelling between wards and departments for imaging and re-imagining pre and post procedures such as PICC line placement this was is highly inefficient. Click here for Ryan's presentation  or  

 Investment was made in ‘state of art’ mobile digital radiography equipment, electronic ordering, text messaging systems and workflow redesign to deliver substantial efficiencies.  The radiographer and doctor meet together on the ward, the image is available immediately for review, the quality of image resolution is greatly improved, radiation to patients and staff is halved and the number of mobile machines has reduced from 5 to 3.  Click her for Ryan's presentation

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