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Innovation Award Winner - HRT Data Delivering Big Returns!

Categories: Public, Roundup Issue #13 | Author: KateTynan | Posted: 24/10/2012 | Views: 1464
Improving Care Of Patients With # NOF
Innovation Award to Fiona Nielsen from Austin Health Victoria - Care of Patients with Fractured NOF
Fiona’s innovation was to address the 36% longer length of stay for fractured neck of femur than exemplar health services.  A potential 700 bed days could be made by matching these exemplars and required a reduction in LOS by 2.3 days.  The key issues were: variable care delivery; inadequate and unmonitored pain relief; delays to theatre; prolonged and unmonitored fasting and peri operative complications – such as delirium. 
By using the health roundtable data to measure progress, a sustained decrease in LOS was achieved; RSI was reduced from 107% to 72%.  The vast majority of patients are in theatre within 24 hours and 100% within 48 hours.  All patients have a pain management plan and the introduction of the “Hunger Clock” ensures no patients are fasting more than 12 hours if there is no definite theatre time planned. Improved monitoring and early intervention has reduced postoperative delirium.  To see Fiona’s presentation click here
Fiona was also kind enough to provide feedback that so clearly illustrates the power and benefits of Health Roundtable membership.  With her permission the team would like to share the following:  
“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful recent Innovation workshop you and your team held in Sydney.  It was a great opportunity to meet people and network’, and of course I came away with quite a few ideas to use.  We were fortunate enough to win an award for the work we had done at Austin Health and this was a great thing to be able to bring back.
The main reason for this email however is to say thank you for the work you and your team do. The project I lead took over a year, and was it was very challenging to engage doctors.  Your team however came up with every data set I needed and were so helpful while I learnt to interpret and use it.  In particular Chris O’Gorman, every time I ask for information, it was treated as a priority and friendly help emails were sent back with the data.  In the end it was HRT data I used to show that our #NOF patients were the same age as our peer hospitals and their LOS was shorter.  It was this myth busting that turned the tide for the program of work and gave me ‘buy in’ with doctors.  So thank you, for a most useful two days and the support of your team.” Fiona Nielsen Austin Health Vic 
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