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Call for Papers - UHC Las Vegas - October 2014

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Our group is a member of the University Healthsystem Consortium in the USA.  Each year, they hold an annual conference with hundreds of attendees showcasing performance improvement activities.  If you would like to share your innovation in Las Vegas in October, now's your chance!  Deadline for submitting papers is 20 March!

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You are invited to submit an abstract for either a presentation or a poster display at the UHC Annual Conference 2014, to be held October 23-24 in Las Vegas, Nev. Click here to get started. The submission deadline is Thursday, March 20, at midnight central.

The UHC Annual Conference 2014, "Revolution," is a unique opportunity for your organization to showcase the results of your performance improvement activities and share them with a broad cross-section of your peers, including leaders from the C-suite, faculty and resident physicians, and clinical and operational professionals.

Through "Revolution," UHC provides the spark to ignite the revolution of health care. The conference harnesses the creativity, technology, and performance improvements taking place across the health care continuum and creates the connections needed to advance innovation. Leveraging the collective power of our successful solutions, UHC members, suppliers, and staff collaborate to achieve the momentum needed to revolutionize health care—one victory at a time.

Using analytical tools to drive change.
Improving operational efficiency to reduce clinical variation; implementing cost reduction solutions.
Improving care delivery across the continuum, including quality improvement, care coordination, new care delivery models, patient engagement, access, equity, and use of health information technology.
Improving strategic systems and infrastructure; attaining value through strategic alliances, hospital and physician relationships with community providers and advanced practice providers; faculty practice organization management; understanding the impact of health care reform on organizations as employers; developing executive leadership in the new health care environment; managing/reducing pension costs and/or implementing 2-tier benefit programs; managing employee population health
Your safety stories: Eliminating patient harm,controlling avoidable losses, and demonstrating safe patient care; successful strategies and techniques implemented at the unit or organizational level to improve patient safety.
Partnering with supply chain management for organizational success in the era of health care reform.
Developing and implementing innovative strategies to enhance quality and safety within the medication use system.
Selection of presentations and posters will be based on the information you provide in each of the areas requested. When we review the definition, data, and results you provide, we consider whether the information is current, evolved, and applicable to the UHC membership, compared with the other abstracts we receive. Other rating consideration is given to whether the information is clear. For example, can we understand what data elements are being measured and what the expected outcomes are? We also determine if the work is ahead of the curve compared with the work described in other abstracts on a similar topic.
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