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Canberra tackles noisy wards to provide a good night's sleep for patients

Categories: Nursing, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 24/09/2014 | Views: 1003

It is possibly one of the most important aspects of health recovery and also one of the most neglected. Canberra Hospital’s nursing department has come up with some unique and innovative ways to improve patient’s sleep.

At The Health Roundtable’s recent Nursing Improvement Group meeting on September 18/19 2014, the nursing team revealed that a massive 76% of patients reported poor sleep while in hospital. Noise was identified as the main culprit to disturbing sleep, and even more surprising, was that the main source of disturbing noise is staff conversations.

The nursing team came up with some key changes to implement, which included some rethinking of existing and new facilities, and review of routine clinical care practices. They also implemented changes to reduce staff noise, including the “Yakker trakkers”, a simple green, amber, red light system that lets night staff know when their conversations are getting a bit loud.

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