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Alfred Health enables patients and families to make “MET” calls

Categories: Patient Safety, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 4/11/2014 | Views: 1154
A pilot is currently underway at The Alfred Hospital to test the process when patients and their families think “something’s not quite right”.

The pilot is based around ensuring patients, families and carers are informed about recognition and response systems, and able to initiate an escalation of care response.

Evidence indicates that delayed activation of a Medical Emergency Team response for deteriorating patients is a strong predictor of mortality in patients. It is widely agreed that priority should  be placed on avoiding a delayed response when deterioration is occurring.

In a 3 month pilot only 10 calls were received from patients and families, and only two were complaints. A small consistent group of responders to patient calls was considered crucial.

The Alfred and other participating hospital’s innovation presentations are available to HRT members by clicking here.

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