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Royal Melbourne Hospital initiative Drops GEM Length of Stay by 24%

Categories: Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 9/12/2014 | Views: 1426

The team at Royal Melbourne recognised that they needed to improve discharge planning to tackle the problem of increasing length of stay in their GEM (Geriatric and Evaluation Management) unit.

Royal Melbourne launched a two-tiered initiative which has reduced GEM average LOS rates from 30 back in 2011 to 23 says currently (July 2014).

The first part of the initiative was to introduce “Flow Manager” boards in all wards, including admission diagnosis, alerts, discharge plans and goals, and the expected discharge date using a traffic light style indicator.

The second part of the initiative was based around improved communications through “Productive Meetings” with staff, patients and families.  As part of this, they provided more information up front to patients and families with a DVD, brochure and a Carers Checklist.

Most impressive was the support given to change management, keeping the staff informed and engaged and maintaining executive support of NUMs, ANUMs and Flow Coordinators.

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