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Creating a great culture of high reliability and teamwork with outstanding results

Categories: New Zealand Chapter, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 1/10/2015 | Views: 1174
Sir David Dalton provided an overview of the work that he has been doing at the Salford Royal and Exeter trust including improving seven-day services, standardising care where possible, improving reliability and creating a culture of teamwork and leadership. He spends four hours a month working with his staff to ensure that the work he does is relevant to staff working at the coalface.

Over 8 years Salford Royal has achieved 100% reductions in MRSA blood stream infections and grades 3 & 4 pressure ulcers, 83% reduction in dostridium difficile infections and a 48% reduction in cardiac arrests. For the 4th consecutive year they have rated in the top 3 for staff satisfaction.

Sir David Dalton’s presentation is available to HRT members by clicking here.

Other hospital’s innovations from the 2015 New Zealand Chapter meeting are available by clicking here.
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