Why Participate?

  • Learn how to use your HRT Maternity Reports to guide & monitor service improvement
  • Understand how other organisations are providing safe Maternity care
  • Monitor clinical & operational trends on key Maternity indicators
  • Compare notes with peers on key issues & innovations in maternal care
  • Develop action plans to improve maternal care


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$A5,250 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and key dates

January 2020 onwards 
Subscriptions for the 2020 Maternity Improvement Group
open in the website

6 March 2020
Data submission deadline

14 April 2020
Pre-workshop survey completed

15 May 2020
Reports available on the website

15 May 2020
Briefing packages distributed to members

28 May 2020 1-3pm (Sydney time) 
Webinar 1

11 June 2020 1-3pm (Sydney time) 
Webniar 2

25 June 2020 1-3pm (Sydney time)
Webinar 3

9 July 2020 1-3pm (Sydney time)
Webinar 4

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The Maternity Improvement Group

Maternity Service Improvement Group

Webinar Series begin 28 May 2020
Meeting Code HRT2007

The 2020 Maternity Services Improvement Group uses operational and clinical data to develop annual benchmarking reports to focus on service activities and improvements. Our focus is to reduce complications and increase women and family centred care.

Our theme for 2020 is enabling well women to avoid intervention where we will review models of care and exemplar best practice.

Hospitals are experiencing a rapid growth in maternity service activities, pregnant women present with increasing complexities and we have challenges with limited resources. However, we must strive to maintain optimal outcomes for women and babies receiving our care.

The Maternity Improvement Group promotes networking between Australian and New Zealand Hospitals to explore and implement activities that both streamline services for women and minimise interventions safely where possible.   

In 2020, our exclusive reports will continue measuring the same metrics of Complexity, Quality & Safety, alongside additional analysis highlighting key insights into your facility including variation and exemplars. 

Specifically, the Maternity Services Report includes the following:

  1. Demographic Analysis
  2. Australian National Indicators
  3. RSI & Length of Stay Analysis
  4. Caesarean Delivery Analysis
  5. Anaesthetic & APGAR Data Comparison
  6. Detailed trends on Delivery Characteristics & Complications
  7. HAC’s
  8. Postpartum & Postnatal Char's and Comp's
  9. Neonatal Indicators
  10. NZ Maternity Clinical Indicators
  11. Antenatal Indicators


This year the Maternity KPI Report will also include the Robson Classification to enable monitoring of caesarean section rates using an international benchmarking tool.

Our unique Workshop creates collaboration and innovation sharing of best practice across Australia and New Zealand members.

After our Maternity Services Workshop, you will have:

  1. Analysed your data
  2. Highlighted an opportunity
  3. Leveraged best practice and
  4. Have an implementation plan ready to present to the workshop the following year.


Our 2019 Workshop theme was 'Exploring effective care for women identified as 'at risk' during their pregnancy'.

After an overview of the maternity data, the following challenges were presented to the 2019 Group:

  1. How and when should risk be assessed in pregnancy?
  2. Pregnancy care for women with multimorbidity’s
  3. Diabetes in pregnancy - implementation of national guidelines
  4. The pregnant woman with a high BMI
  5. Psychological services needs in childbearing


After our ‘Roundtable’ discussion, the following service improvements were presented by members:

  1. The maternity care navigator midwife role.
  2. Increasing spontaneous vaginal births among well pregnant women by offering them a separate normal birth venue.
  3. Early postnatal debriefing by an obstetrician for women who experienced a traumatic birth. 

On 2019 day 2, participants presented their own service innovations. Current members can access these through this link.

Attendees then focused on the development of Aim Statements and Action Plans for service improvement in their hospital after reflection on service outcomes, discussion with colleagues and expert speakers at the workshop.

Action plans are available for members through this link to enable networking between services implementing similar plans.

What do you need to do in preparation for your 2020  membership?
  • Complete the subscription form for 2020
  • Designate a Maternity liaison representative to act as a key contact with the HRT collaborative May 2020 event organiser
  • Review definitions and updated reports for questions, comments or issues to be discussed at the collaborative event.
  • Organise a delegation to attend the annual 2 day workshop on 27th and 28th May 2020 in Sydney.
  • Identify one innovation from your service to present toyour colleagues at the meeting.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to identify one potential service improvement to explore.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Produces reports extracting data from the inpatient episode collection, highlighting trends and differences in performance.
  • Provides 'ad hoc' reports for members, on specific sets of indicators.
  • Enables the development of customised benchmarking reports. 
  • Collaborates with key maternity contacts to organise an annual workshop and any special survey materials.
  • Facilitates the annual workshop event and provides a summary report based on the discussions.
  • Conducts an annual survey of members to identify critical issues for discussion at the workshop.
  • Provides phone and webcast support to all members to assist with data interpretation.


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