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Online Staff Surveys for Health Service Improvement

Provides a low-cost, proven, practical tool to collect staff member ideas to improve working conditions in your health service. Commercial surveys are expensive, and academically based surveys often highlight issues outside the control of health service managers. Instead, the goal of a Health Roundtable survey is to identify opportunities for improvement in the areas of:

  • Teamwork
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Perceptions of Management
  • Safety and Working Conditions
  • Career

To save costs compared with paper-based surveys, we use an online survey process, so that anyone with access to the internet (either at home or at work) can complete the survey, and have the results automatically summarised for analysis.

Staff are encouraged to provide more detailed responses when they strongly disagree (or strongly agree) with the survey statements.  These detailed responses can then be analysed separately for improvement suggestions by staff members.

The survey tool is designed for hospital-wide usage, and can be customised to change or expand the standard set of 21 statements, modify the analysis, or provide benchmarking across hospitals.

The Health Roundtable survey has the following advantages:

  • Reports benchmarked against your peers
  • Trusted external organisation to guarantee anonymity to respondents
  • Advice and support on the implementation and follow up processes
  • An improvement focused survey tool
  • Management of web-based survey tool

The fee for a health-service wide online survey over a one-month period is only $10,000 plus GST for an unlimited number of staff (if delivered in Australia or New Zealand) including an extensive suite of graphical reports by staff group

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Our online surveys are powered by SurveyGizmo survey software.

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