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EPIC Electronic Medical Record provides Costing Benefits to Royal Children’s Hospital (VIC)

Author: Sarah Brandt | Posted: 1/06/2017 | Views: 6078
Royal Children’s Hospital (VIC) was experiencing common issues with paper records: considerable patient information was not captured electronically, patient data was spread across multiple systems and very limited electronic information was captured for direct medical and nursing interventions.

Therefore they made the decision to implement an EMR (EPIC) to centralize the record system and improve data and cost capture. As a result more detailed data regarding patient care is available. For example:

• Costing extracts for ECG, exercise test and EEG
• Identified the staff involved for the above services.
• Pharmacy ward imprest tracked to patient level for costing
• Accurate operating theatre time information

EPIC has enabled the capture of more precise costing information and will eventually enable more thorough analysis of relationship between cost and quality of care.

Click here to view a Summary Slide of this Innovation.


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