Strategy 2023-26


With continuous improvement in mind, the Health Roundtable Board increased engagement with our members during 2022 to capture insight into current successes, challenges and opportunities for growth. The result is the Health Roundtable Strategy 2023-26.  

The Health Roundtable Board believes this exciting and ambitious plan provides the foundation for continued growth of the Health Roundtable over the coming three years.  

The Strategy outlines a range of activities over the next three years to refocus Health Roundtable to meet the current needs of its members. It will deliver advanced analytics while continuing to support knowledge-sharing networks of exemplar practice. As part of the Strategy, we will invest in a contemporary data platform that will provide enhanced data security, improved data acquisition and processing, digital experience and data analytics. We will also seek to extend our membership to include aged care, primary care, ambulance and other linked datasets as well as specialist networks.   

It is an exciting time for Health Roundtable as we deliver on this Strategy to enrich member experience and drive learnings for improved health outcomes within the Australian and New Zealand health systems.  


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