Corporate Sponsors of The Health Roundtable

The Health Roundtable offers corporate organisations the opportunity to participate in its activities to learn more about the issues facing major teaching hospitals.

In return, corporate sponsors are given the opportunity to participate in meetings where there is no direct conflict of interest and have agreed to abide by the Health Roundtable Honour Code to protect the confidentiality of all Health Roundtable discussions. 

The Health Roundtable welcomes appropriate participation in its discussions of key issues by health industry vendors. Sponsorship is open to organisations involved in the healthcare industry.

We have three levels of support which provide access to our meetings, publications and website.

An application for sponsorship can be found by clicking this link.

For additional information, please email

Novartis is caring and curing. Novartis is committed to research and development and since 2007 Novartis has invested 20% of its net pharmaceutical sales globally in R&D – in Australia Novartis invest around $AUD 30 million annually.

Novartis dedication to research drives innovation and has one of the strongest pipelines in the industry. In Australia, the Novartis Group is comprised of – Pharmaceuticals, Alcon, Sandoz, Consumer Health, Animal Health and Vaccines & Diagnostics. To find out more visit

Pfizer’s purpose is clear: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. Against a complex health landscape, we unleash the power of our assets—from our medicines and vaccines to our financial investments and our colleagues’ expertise—to help strengthen health systems and improve access to quality healthcare services for patients around the world.

Together with our partners, we seek to unlock transformative and sustainable solutions through our programs and investments to achieving a healthier world for everyone


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