Education Programs

Education Programs

Our Education Programs are designed to give your team a deeper understanding of Health Roundtable data and provide the roadmap for translating the data into actionable change. It will equip your team with tools to support your processes and improve your hospital’s KPI performance.

Available in-person* or virtually, choose from three Education Programs - Bronze (4 hours), Silver (8 hours), Gold (16 hours). A designated Health Roundtable staff member will work with you to customise the program to meet your organisation's requirements and then lead your team through the sessions. Topics covered in these sessions can include:

  • Importance of benchmarking, collaboration, networking & innovation sharing
  • The basics: graphs, data, analytics 
  • Personalised review of Health Roundtable reports (of your choice)
  • Action Planning for Change Management. 

We have intentionally designed these programs as small workshops, with no more than 20 participants, to ensure a supportive and interactive environment in which to learn. Included in each Education Program is a virtual or in-person workshop, a series of foundational videos to watch before the day, a follow-up session with your Health Roundtable staff member to answer any follow-up questions and a certificate of attendance.

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*During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will follow local government advice on holding in-person sessions to ensure all attendees are safe. If we cannot hold an in-person session safely, we will discuss alternative options with you.


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