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Opportunity! Special Workshop with Jeanne Huddleston Mayo Clinic: Moving Beyond Mortality Review

Author: KateTynan | Posted: 1/02/2018 | Views: 9610
For CEOs & Directors of Medical, Nursing & Quality Services
Jeanne Huddleston made a huge impact on Roundtable members in Australia and NZ in 2016, delivering hands-on and outcome driven workshops.  We are delighted to welcome her back on March 22nd to run an exclusive one day workshop for Executive Clinical Directors.  Registration is limited to 60 participants. Cost $895 + GST  click here to register
The workshop will cover lessons learned from the international implementation of a Mayo Clinic developed safety learning system. Not only was this system applied to learning from every death, but also to learn from the living. Using a real-time audience response system, participants will:
  • identify opportunities for improvement in care delivered to simulated patient journeys;
  • quantify barriers to implementing a reliable learning system; and
  • prioritise opportunities for improvement. You will walk away with actionable insights on effective service improvement.

Participants are encouraged to bring a challenging patient safety process issue (something that they have tried to fix, but continues to be an issue anyway – or something new that they are struggling with because it has so many different facets). Table work will be tailored to fit participants’ needs. Ideally a small team from each hospital should attend. Throughout the workshop, Jeanne will use participants’ and other actual Australian hospital issues and data to explain how the methodology can be applied locally. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 
  • Implement a learning system that embodies principles of high reliability — specifically, deference to expertise;
  • Move beyond the medical model of peer review to a process of inter-professional learning that leads to actionable information and change; and
  • Define the largest safety problems facing health care today: acts of omission, not commission

Biographical note: 
Assoc. Prof Dr Jeanne Huddleston is a leader of Quality and Safety at the Mayo Clinic. As well as being a specialist physician, Jeanne completed an industrial engineering degree, which allowed her to translate a systems engineering and design methodology to solve health care delivery’s toughest problems. Amongst many achievements, she embedded systems engineering and reliability principles into the multispecialty and multidisciplinary 100% mortality review system at Mayo Clinic. Over the last year, Jeanne has been engaged to assist many hospitals in the USA and around the world (including Tasmanian hospitals) with their quality improvement initiatives.


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